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Credit: Graphic Design

Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett and Blinkink directors Ten Times direct this ground-breaking interview between Gorillaz stars 2D & Noodle and legendary watch designer Mr Ibe, creator of Casio’s G-Shock. Working with Analog Studio the film uses innovative, world-first technology (MIMO) to capture a meeting between two cultural entities. Combining machine learning and vision analysis, this bespoke system utilises motion capture technology to create 2D animation in a live performance setting, allowing the band to communicate and interact live in a way that’s never been seen before.

Jamie Hewlett & Ten Times

Production co.

Georgina Filmore

The trailer of my RCA graduation film.

“Desire Line” was originally an architect’s term for paths made by people when walking across open grassland, what these lines represent are the shortest or most easily navigated routes between an origin and destination. This film describes a metaphor of Artificial Intelligence in which optimal solutions to user problems are generated as a form of desire line calculation. This film aims to interrogate the increasingly controversial role of Artificial Intelligence by visualising a statement from an AI about its experience on a Valentine’s Day in the near future.

The full-length version is available upon request.

2019 The Lumen Prize
2019 Fantoche International Animation Film Festival
2019 Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Television Awards
2019 FIRST International Film Festival
2019 “Science Friction” AI Film night @ the British Embassy in Berlin, organised by the UK Science & Innovation Network
2019 Fest Film Festival
2019 Animafest Zagreb
2019 SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival
2019 NYC Independent Film Festival
2019 Columbus International Film & Animation Festival
2019 Lighthouse International Film Festival
2019 Athens Animfest
2019 Tricky Women International Animation Film Festival
2019 British Shorts Film Festival
2019 Raw Science Film Festival
2019 THE POST MOUNTAIN Inpedenent Animation Film Screening & Communication
2018 Berlin SCI-FI Film Festival
2018 China Independent Animation Film Forum
2018 Animation Chico Film Festival
2018 Winchester Film Festival
2018 Factual Animation Film Festival

30th Mar – 30 June 2019, A Journey in Love, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
11-14th April 2019, ANAMORPHIC WAVES, Ugly Duck, London, United Kingdom